Our Top 6 Geek T-shirts

Our Top 6 Geek T-shirts
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Personalised T-shirts are an excellent gift, either for a friend, family member or even yourself. Over the past few years there has been an explosion in the number of websites you can visit to design and order your own custom t-shirts online. Not only that, but there is also a growing trend for people expressing their inner nerd. You can always choose your own design for a personalised shirt, but there is actually such a wide range available already that you might not need to create your own graphics.

So if you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for the geek in your life or have decided the time has come to add something new and awesome to your own collection, here’s a quick rundown of our six favourite geeky T-shirts we reckon will be right up your street:

Knock Knock Knock Penny!

Send a message of solidarity to every other obsessed super fan of The Big Bang Theory with our immensely popular ‘Knock Knock Knock Penny!’ shirt.  Available in a range of comprehensive colours and sizes, it’s just the ticket for he-geeks and she-geeks alike!

Wi-Fi Password?

Tired of constantly having to ask for the Wi-Fi password every time you enter an establishment? Or more appropriately, sick and tired of a member of your entourage being unable to sit still and operate without first checking in, every time you hit a new bar? Have no fear, we have just the shirt get the job done a hell of a lot easier!


Well, it’s not as if we could have produced a comprehensive geek list without at least two Big Bang Theory shirts. This one just so happens to be another all-time best seller!

Boom! Headshot

There really cannot be a gamer geek in the world that wouldn’t absolutely adore our Boom! headshot shirt. Once again, it’s available in practically every size and colour imaginable, making it just the ticket for men and women alike.

Live Long and Prosper

Are Star Trek fans the ultimate pinnacle of geekdom? Some would proudly proclaim that indeed they are – these are also exactly the types of people who would find a Live Long and Prosper shirt impossible to resist. Approved and recommended by Spock himself…but not really.

Rated A for Awesome

Last but not least, while technically a gaming shirt this is pretty much a perfect example of geek 101. No proof of awesomeness is required to invest in this bad boy – awesomeness does however come as standard with every purchase!