Luxury Features You Need In Your Bathroom

Luxury Features You Need In Your Bathroom
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If you’re not planning to remodel your bathroom, we have great news. After reading this list, you will be! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite bathroom features and once you’ve seen all these for yourself you’ll wonder how you managed without them all this time. If you were already thinking about ideas for your new bathroom, then you’ll definitely want to re-think before you miss any of these.

Designer Radiators

Radiators are pretty much essential in any bathroom, but there’s no reason you should be stuck with basic designs that don’t match your style. Designer radiators come in a variety of styles and hardly cost more than traditional options, but can add so much to your design. Choose pure white or black to complement a monochrome style, a classic column radiator design or a flat panelled look that looks great with wooden features. Our favourites are tall, narrow radiators with a shiny metallic finish which are very popular at the moment and look amazing in most modern bathrooms.

Heated Towel Rails

To add a touch of luxury to your re-modelled bathroom, you needn’t rely on your central heating to enjoy a warm towel every time you step out of the shower. Although many fabulous designs can be plumbed in like radiators, you also have the option of freestanding heated towel racks powered by the flick of a switch. Depending on the look of your bathroom, you might opt for a small, classic silver design, thicker poles that look impressive and make it easier to hang your towel, or a full-sized metallic rack that looks perfect with a modern colour scheme.

A Freestanding Bath

Built-in bathtubs can look great and save space when integrated into your other bathroom fixtures and tucked neatly away, but if you want to make a real statement then we suggest you find a luxury freestanding bath that suits your space and style. Usually traditional in design, but with many more modern options, freestanding baths give you flexibility in where you position your tub and are well and truly in fashion.

Complete Bathroom Tap Sets

Tie together the finished look of your new bathroom (or even your existing one) with specially designed tap sets, which can update your entire bathroom design in mere minutes. Whether you choose wall mounted, a single-hole option or a more luxurious selection of different taps, you can find a range of different functions and finishes to suit any style. Our favourite scheme is to use rich colours and glistening gold taps to create a truly luxurious feel.

Extra Designer Features

The small finishing touches can really add that sense of glamour and luxury to your newly re-fitted bathroom. If you’re including a shower, even something small like a designer patterned drain cover can add an artistic sparkle that looks anything but cheap. Alternatively you can capture a classic look with a cast iron shower tray, or use a high quality metallic look for a more modern twist. Unique sinks, designer fog-proof mirrors and well-planned lighting can all add a refined finish to the overall look of your bathroom too.