E cigarettes, a Healthier Alternative to Hookahs

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The development of technology has made it easier for smokers to avoid the negative health effects brought about by the smoking of normal cigarettes or hookahs. There are many dangers associated with smoking hookahs. The good thing is that there are also many alternatives available on the market that will offer you the satisfaction you want. Here are some of the dangers associated with smoking hookahs.


Just like the normal cigarettes, hookah smoking is very addictive because of the presence of nicotine. This makes them just as toxic as smoking tobacco. Despite that, many hookah smokers consider the practice less harmful than smoking; this habit has similar health risks to normal cigarettes. Hookah smoke has similar harmful toxins to cigarette smoke. This means that if you smoke hookah, you are in high risk of developing diseases such as respiratory illness, lung cancer, periodontal disease or low birth weight if used during pregnancy. According to the World Health Organization, hookah smoking expose smokers to high amount of smoke for a longer period of time compared to smoking of normal cigarettes. A one hour session using a hookah pipe can be has harmful as smoking 100 cigarettes.

Another risk involved in smoking hookah is increased risk of cancer. The charcoal that is used to heat tobacco increases the risk because of the production of smoke that contains high amounts of metals, carbon monoxide and other chemicals that cause cancer. In addition, smoking hookers poses a greater risk to those who are exposed to second-hand smoke.

To prevent the above health risks posed by smoking hookahs, you can use mechanical mods with nicotine eliquids ( additionally with e-liquid flavour concentrates ) as a healthier alternative. The good thing is that they produce water vapour instead of smoke, and you can choose to use them with or without nicotine so they are perfect if you are looking to reduce your nicotine intake. They also do not pose the same health risks to non-smokers as there is no known passive smoking risk.

Here are some of the mods that you can use instead of smoking hookahs: 

Joyetech e-grip

This is an exceptional little box mod, which you do not have to buy an atomizer separately. The e-grip makes use of 1.5ohm atomizer heads and has the ability to hold 3.6 millilitres of e juice. The e juice can be poured into the device through the side cap in an easier way. This is a great option if you are a beginner and want to have on e-cig solution.

Innokin MVP 20W

This is another solid box mod for starters. It is well designed and very sturdy compared to many other models. It can fire from 1ohm upwards and its features go through charging. It can also be used as a portable power bank, making it possible for you to even charge other mobile devices and box mods. Another major advantage it offers is that it can last for a very long time.

iStick 30W

This is a more improved mini box mod of the original iStick 20W. It has the ability to fire down to 0.4ohm. It has extra 10Ws and it is cost effective making it more user-friendly.