Warm Winter Recipe Ideas

Warm Winter Recipe Ideas
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Now the festive period is upon us, but the winter is most likely still going to be testing us well into the New Year. Sometimes on a cold and miserable day the only thing that gets us through is thinking about a great meal we have planned out for later on. A tasty home-cooked meal is the ultimate way to reward yourself and keep your family happy during the cold winter months.

That’s why it’s the perfect time to be thinking about some warming winter recipes right now, so you can start getting some practice in and develop your skills. If you perfect a few of these comforting dishes you might notice you’re suddenly gaining popularity and have people turning up on your doorstep for dinner!

1) Classic chicken pie

You can’t go wrong with this traditional classic. A chicken pie can be stretched out further by packing it full of seasonal vegetables, or you could even replace the meat entirely for a vegetarian version just as easily. You don’t even need to make your own pastry so this tasty, family-sized dish can be made in almost no time. Experiment with your gravy and seasoning to make your pie unique.

2) Slow-cooked Irish Stew

Straightforward, unfussy and with added Guinness – that’s what makes this slow-cooked beef dish truly Irish! There’s nothing more evocative of a traditional British winter scene than eating a hot stew while safely tucked away inside on a cold day. Chunky pieces of potato and carrots really add to this stew’s seasonal charm.

3) Beef stifado

An extremely indulgent but simple dish that’s perfect for winter, a tasty beef stifado will transport you straight to Greece on a warm summer evening (probably only metaphorically). Beef and onions are very much in season, and in this form we don’t think you can beat them. The slow cooking is well worth the extra time.