Introducing Shabby Chic Into Your Home

Introducing Shabby Chic Into Your Home
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Shabby chic is a timeless and flexible style which makes it just as popular now as it ever has been, if not more so. Even if you’ve previously gone for a stricter style or something more sleek and modern, it’s not difficult (or expensive) to incorporate some variety of shabby style into your existing rooms, or transform them altogether.

You can opt for designer shabby chic furniture if you want to spend your budget on high quality pieces, or to inject a little creative style without breaking the bank you may choose to find some bargain pieces and customise them, or track down vintage treasures to restore cheaply. Whichever you choose, here are some simple tips for adding a touch of shabby chic décor to any room, on any budget.

Worn-and-torn wood –

Whether it’s tables, chairs, bookcases or even outdoor furniture, the classic distressed wood look never goes out of fashion and can really add character to new or old furnishings. If you can’t find a genuine vintage piece that suits you, just get to work on painting and sanding some basic wooden furniture and give it your own shabby chic touch.

Wall hangings –

Real antique picture frames are excellent for bringing some class and personality to a plan wall, especially alongside your other distressed décor. You don’t even have to hang pictures in the frames, you might choose to simply hang them empty.

Bring the beach indoors –

A popular variation on shabby chic is to go for a relaxed beach hut vibe. With muted pastel colours (especially pale blues for a nautical theme), you can bring the holiday feel of the British seaside into your home.

Get creative with storage –

Storage is always an issue with interior design, as you want to hide away the clutter and display the best items clearly. Shabby chic is probably the easiest style to work with when it comes to solving this problem, because you can easily make something basic, like a plain metal shelving unit, into a cool feature that fits in with its surroundings neatly. You can also take anything made of wood and redesign it into a quirky storage box or even a table with hidden storage.

Shabby chic accessories –

To complete your interior design overhaul, don’t overlook your accessories and all the minor details dotted around your rooms. Using vintage china to serve your tea and coffee (or even if you just keep it on display) is that kind of attention to detail you need to complete the style properly. Be wary of too much unnecessary clutter, but if you feel like you’re lacking some finishing touches, the best way to source new ornaments is usually to make them yourself. That way you can make sure they match your existing décor perfectly, but they don’t have to be too neat.