Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Halloween Party Theme Ideas
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Hosting a Halloween party this year, or maybe just thinking about it? Maybe you’ve been trying to come up with an unusual theme that’s appropriate for your guests’ age group – it can be just as tricky to find something fun and original that’s suitable for adults as it is for kids! Here are a few ideas that you might not have tried yet…

1) Ghostbusters

After the massive reboot movie that launched worldwide in July, Ghostbusters is cool all over again and this Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of that. You can turn your house into the iconic team HQ and the guests can be your invading ghosts and monsters! This works especially well with kids if the adults take on the role of the Ghostbusters to keep them under control.

2) Comic Book Heroes/Villains

Always a great costume theme for grown-ups and kids alike because of the vast number of choices out there! You may opt for an exclusive villains theme this year if your friends are fans of Suicide Squad and other movies in the same vein. Harley Quinn and the Joker are favourites to appear at a few parties this October.

3) Real World Villains

What could be scarier than something from the real world? We expect to see a few examples of celebrity costumes this year based on people who are very much alive, from the ever-popular Donald Trump to pop music’s very own villainous queen: Taylor Swift. There are bound to be a few examples of scary figures from history, too, although some of these are inevitably a little controversial so this might be more of a grown-up theme idea.

4) Classic Haunted House

Why not challenge your friends and family to put a new spin on some of the most iconic Halloween characters if all else fails? There’s nothing wrong with keeping it traditional, plus there will be better availability of decorations in all your local shops if you’re looking for dark and spooky accessories to turn your humble home into a haunted party mansion.