Rescue and Transform Old Furniture

How do you normally start when you’re thinking about redesigning and redecorating your home? If the first thing you do is pick up a brochure or head online to start picking out your new furniture and buying pieces, we might suggest you’re going about the process completely backwards. Sorry!

We would recommend a slightly different approach, focusing more on what you already have. You can achieve some incredible results by refreshing old furniture and giving old pieces a brand new lease of life. This can in turn inject some much needed freshness into your rooms! Here are a few tips for saving old furnishings from the scrap heap and turning them into something you’ll love to feature prominently in your home.

Firstly, don’t worry about making it perfect. The finish on your old piece of furniture may be a lot less pristine that it was originally, but that’s certainly nothing bad. If you don’t want to put it through a proper restoration process, you can just enjoy a shabby chic finish on your piece instead. You might even distress it intentionally for a real rustic feel. This is the perfect way to disguise imperfections and make them into a feature.

Paint is going to be one of your primary weapons on this mission. Tackling an ugly old piece and trying to turn it into something attractive may not be easy, but with a fresh coat of brightly coloured paint you’d be shocked at what a difference you can make. Spray paint can be particularly effective in unusual colours, and again you don’t have to focus on getting a perfect finish. Try taking a tired-looking vintage piece and colouring it so it takes on a completely polar opposite identity.

If you’re feeling confident you might want to look at customising your furniture too, in the process of salvaging old and damaged pieces especially. Sometimes you may inherit a desk without all of its drawers, a chair with a missing leg, or perhaps something with a lot of potential that’s being ruined by just one particularly ugly element. Don’t be afraid to amputate old-fashioned or unnecessary parts from your furniture if it helps you style it the way you want to. For example, taking a vintage desk top and replacing its thick legs with much thinner, more sophisticated ones and then painting it a vivid colour could be the perfect way to revamp it.

Introducing Shabby Chic Into Your Home

Shabby chic is a timeless and flexible style which makes it just as popular now as it ever has been, if not more so. Even if you’ve previously gone for a stricter style or something more sleek and modern, it’s not difficult (or expensive) to incorporate some variety of shabby style into your existing rooms, or transform them altogether.

You can opt for designer shabby chic furniture if you want to spend your budget on high quality pieces, or to inject a little creative style without breaking the bank you may choose to find some bargain pieces and customise them, or track down vintage treasures to restore cheaply. Whichever you choose, here are some simple tips for adding a touch of shabby chic décor to any room, on any budget.

Worn-and-torn wood –

Whether it’s tables, chairs, bookcases or even outdoor furniture, the classic distressed wood look never goes out of fashion and can really add character to new or old furnishings. If you can’t find a genuine vintage piece that suits you, just get to work on painting and sanding some basic wooden furniture and give it your own shabby chic touch.

Wall hangings –

Real antique picture frames are excellent for bringing some class and personality to a plan wall, especially alongside your other distressed décor. You don’t even have to hang pictures in the frames, you might choose to simply hang them empty.Continue Reading

Luxury Features You Need In Your Bathroom

If you’re not planning to remodel your bathroom, we have great news. After reading this list, you will be! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite bathroom features and once you’ve seen all these for yourself you’ll wonder how you managed without them all this time. If you were already thinking about ideas for your new bathroom, then you’ll definitely want to re-think before you miss any of these.

Designer Radiators

Radiators are pretty much essential in any bathroom, but there’s no reason you should be stuck with basic designs that don’t match your style. Designer radiators come in a variety of styles and hardly cost more than traditional options, but can add so much to your design. Choose pure white or black to complement a monochrome style, a classic column radiator design or a flat panelled look that looks great with wooden features. Our favourites are tall, narrow radiators with a shiny metallic finish which are very popular at the moment and look amazing in most modern bathrooms.

Heated Towel Rails

To add a touch of luxury to your re-modelled bathroom, you needn’t rely on your central heating to enjoy a warm towel every time you step out of the shower. Although many fabulous designs can be plumbed in like radiators, you also have the option of freestanding heated towel racks powered by the flick of a switch. Depending on the look of your bathroom, you might opt for a small, classic silver design, thicker poles that look impressive and make it easier to hang your towel, or a full-sized metallic rack that looks perfect with a modern colour scheme.Continue Reading

Great tips for revamping your home this spring

With spring here, it is time to enjoy the season and bring spring into your home. Most people assume that revamping your home for spring has to be expensive and time-intensive. However, this is not the case: in case you want to revamp your home this spring, there are plenty of affordable places to buy furnishings and fabrics from in the UK, plus the DIY tips listed below can come in handy.

Go for colourful fabrics

Spring is the season of colour and light and your home should be full of both. Colourful fabrics make your home look great and work well with the increased light of spring. They also help in keeping the house cool.

Use flowers to bring spring to your home

Flowers are a great way to revamp your home in spring. Place vases with flowers on counters, tabletops, shelves and anywhere else that catches your fancy. It is one of the easiest ways to make your home aesthetically pleasing on a budget.Continue Reading

Creative Ideas for Folding Tables

In modern households, a common problem is not having enough space or flexibility. Bulky furniture can dominate a room and limit its function, so when redesigning your room layout it can become a problem and often these large, impractical pieces are the first to go. Luckily, much more practical folding tables are available and getting ever more popular. Folding tables from Mogo Direct for instance, come in a massive variety of styles and serve a wide range of functions — so whatever you need in your home there is probably a foldable option! Here we take a look at some of the most creative ideas around, some of which you can buy online and others might be harder to come by.

Affordable folding tables for small rooms

The great thing about folding tables is that they’re always in fashion. When does it not look better to provide more space in your room with compact, tidy furnishings? It’s also easy to find options that suit a small budget as well as a small room, thanks to a range of low cost and stylish options available from UK folding table suppliers & furniture stockists. With a choice of designs and materials, you can ensure your table suits the rest of the room and gives you the functions you need without taking up all-important space.Continue Reading